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We believe that the future of our planet depends on how we use energy, and the decisions we make today.

Our mission is to reduce buildings’ CO2 footprint by creatively combining existing heat & power producing tech into an energy efficient unit by installing new technology alongside the old, optimising existing systems (cogeneration, boilers, heat pumps, HVAC, lighting upgrade, automation, insulation, air leakages). We achieve this by deploying our “pinch technology” which combines several methods of producing energy according to the energy needs of the building.

We aim to do this by working with energy companies, prosumers, building owners and manufacturers to provide them with solutions to reduce their overall energy bill by double digit percentages. We also work with ESCO companies to optimize their energy mix and to increase their customers’ savings. Altair Energy Partners is dedicated to helping you reduce your carbon footprint while keeping costs low. By working with us, we’re confident that together we can achieve both goals in a way that works for you.

Request an Energy Audit
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Request an Energy Audit
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An energy audit is a systematic evaluation of a building or facility's energy use to identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved.
Request an Energy Audit
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